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Cinnabon Jumbo Snax

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Cereal Made for Snacking

Two new flavors join the Kellogg’s Jumbo Snax lineup

Kellogg’s announced the Cinnabon Bakery Inspired Jumbo Snax as the newest cereal to be transformed and “jumbo-fied” for snack time. Featuring cinnamon-sugar swirl-shape pieces, Kellogg’s says each Cinnabon Bakery Inspired Jumbo Snax bite evokes the experience of enjoying a delicious cinnamon roll. The new flavor hits cereal aisles nationwide in April alongside new Kellogg’s SMORZ Jumbo Snax. The newly returned Kellogg’s SMORZ Cereal features toasted graham square pieces dusted with marshmallow and rich chocolate flavors. Both are available at retailers nationwide this month with a suggested retail price of $5.49 for a 12-pouch multipack with 0.42-oz single-serve bags.

Image courtesy of Kellogg Company


Reusable Dispensing System For Screw-Top Containers

LINDAL Group and Alternative Packaging Solutions (APS) announced miniMist — a reusable dispensing system which is applied onto a screw-top container. To use the product the consumer twists the top of the dispenser which compresses a spring and preloads an internal chamber. The product is then dispensed when the top button is depressed which causes the spring to be released. Once empty, miniMist can be refilled by unscrewing the dispenser and replenishing the product in the container. As a result, it can be used as either a one-time or a refillable product. miniMist is reportedly suitable for traditional aerosol applications as well as e-commerce channels and refill models that encourage repeat purchase from consumers. Market quality samples will be available later in the year.

Image courtesy of LINDAL Group

Compostable Packaging Doubles Produce Shelf Life

Compostable Packaging That Doubles Fresh Produce Shelf-Life

TIPA and PerfoTec have partnered to offer compostable packaging that reportedly extends the shelf-life of fresh produce, including fruit, vegetables and flowers, by as much as two times. The companies say that the laser microperforated compostable film provides retailers and suppliers with the ideal packaging qualities to reduce food waste, combat plastic pollution and cut carbon emissions.
TIPA’s compostable packaging performs like a conventional plastic but decomposes in compost back into the soil with no toxic residue, microplastics or other pollutants. Its packaging solutions are designed to seamlessly fit with industry machinery and manufacturing practices. PerfoTec’s patented High Precision Laser Technology facilitates longer shelf-life by adapting the permeability of food packaging.

Image courtesy of TIPA

NB Pure New Look

Natural Ingredient Supplement Maker Gets a Makeover

Natural ingredient supplement maker NB Pure (formerly Nutritional Brands) announced a complete rebrand, with a new name, logo, packaging design and website. The new, modernized look was done to reflect the company’s commitment to meet the ever-evolving needs of its customers. The previous logo was evolved to provide a modern, timeless and refreshing look. With its modernized water and leaf design elements and lowercase letters, the brand aimed for a new sense of approachability — an intentional move to showcase the brand as a wellness partner to all. All NB Pure products will feature this logo to create unity and drive recognition among its previous sub-brands.

Image courtesy of NB Pure

NB Pure New Look
Coconut Bliss rebrand

Plant-Based Dessert Producer Rebrands to Reflect Broader Consumer Base

Coconut Bliss, a producer of plant-based frozen desserts, announced a new look for its entire portfolio of plant-based ice cream products. The company says it’s striving to connect with consumers on a deeper level by taking a personable approach to the redesign through an increased emphasis on inclusivity, sustainability and positivity. The brand says it is committed to changing how consumers have historically perceived plant-based offerings by making plant-based products that taste great for consumers across the board. The rebrand introduces consumers to Coconut Bliss’s “totally blissed-out” family of characters which were inspired by the company’s diverse fans. The characters, created in collaboration with Olimpia Zagnoli, are now featured across Coconut Bliss’s range of products.

Image courtesy of Coconut Bliss

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