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NiceLabel Cloud Compliance

NiceLabel’s Version 2019.3 & Label Cloud Compliance

NiceLabel’s Version 2019.3 of its label management solutions portfolio enables users, especially those in factories or warehouses, to use a single platform for creating and printing labels and supply chain documents. It also includes features to maximize cloud-to-cloud capabilities and driverless printing on IoT devices. These capabilities include a connector to cloud-based software from Workday, upgrades to NiceLabel’s SAP advanced business application programming (ABAP) package and a new a web-based manager for the NiceLabel integration system that allows users to centrally manage all integrations. NiceLabel’s Label Cloud Compliance is a public, validation-ready cloud labeling solution designed for regulated life sciences industries. The solution digitizes quality approval processes and includes capabilities like a three-tier environment for development, quality assurance and production; relaxed software release cycles; a 12-year print history; and a Validation Acceleration Pack (VAP). These features enable quicker and easier compliance with major regulations like FDA, EU and UDI requirements.

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Focus: Labeling

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Syringe Label with First-Opening Indication

Schreiner MediPharm’s new Syringe-Closure-Wrap features a label that wraps around the syringe barrel and the complete cap. When the user pulls off the upper part of the label, the integrated first-opening indication is triggered. Due to special security die cuts, the label is irreversibly destroyed and cannot be closed again unnoticed. The security label for sealing prefilled syringes enables healthcare professionals to quickly ascertain the drug they are about to administer is an original that has not been tampered with or previously opened. After the label has been opened for the first time, an additional warning appears as a visible security element. Overt, covert or digital authentication features can be integrated into the label.

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Focus: Labeling

Pick-And-Place Desktop Label Applicator

Print-and-Apply Label Applicators for Pharmacy Bottle and Bag Labeling

United Automation’s pick-and-place desktop label applicator integrates the ColorWorks C7500 on-demand color label printer and an Epson high-precision SCARA robot to feed, print and apply color labels with accuracy. The labeling and verification machine, which incorporates the ColorWorks C7500 and an Epson 6-Axis robot, features loading, labeling, peel labeling, inspection, verification and unloading functionalities. The labeling and verification machine for prescription bottles can reportedly print and apply up to 600 unique color labels per hour with label placement precision.

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Coval CVGM

Coval Designs New Vacuum Chamber

Coval, a vacuum components and systems company, introduced the Coval CVGM series mini vacuum chamber, designed to handle light and porous objects such as protective masks, fabric or leather cutouts. Weighing 300 g and measuring 130 x 60 mm, the CVGM vacuum chamber can be integrated with an automated system and is ideal for robotics and cobotics. The chamber has a modular design and features a stainless-steel gripping interface that can be dismantled for cleaning. COVAL develops customized solutions for automated applications in different sectors, such as packaging, food processing or plastics processing.

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Piab’s piFLOW p SMART Vacuum Conveyor

Piab’s piFLOW p SMART vacuum conveyor is designed to help users save time when changing from one material to another by offering a faster changeover. The company says that changeovers that would take one hour in a conventional vacuum conveyor reportedly only 10 minutes in the company’s new and unique vacuum conveyor. piFLOW p SMART is a self-optimizing vacuum conveyor targeted primarily at industries handling many different materials and/or those in which frequent changes need to be made. It is a standalone system with strategically placed sensors to assist the conveyor’s auto-tuning system to control and fine-tune in accordance with environmental conditions. By automatically adjusting the carrying air, the piFLOW p SMART vacuum conveyor eliminates the need for manual adjustments at the feed point. The filling level is also constantly monitored by two level sensors, safeguarding against filter damage.

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