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Dry January:

How One Month Became a Movement

Wellness-focused, “sober-curious” consumers are driving interest in booze-free cocktails, a relative newcomer to the $180 billion beverage industry.

There’s no question that COVID drove us to consume more alcohol. It took a year to realize we can’t drink our way through a pandemic. 2021 was the year of wellness and the rise of the non-alcoholic spirit category. According to Nielsen data, the no- and low-ABV sector has grown 506% since 2015, and annual growth for the category is expected to hit 7.1% by 2025. By category, NA beer and cider grew 31.7%, wine increased 39.4% while zero-ABV spirits saw sales grow 113.4% over the last year.

The products have done especially well in e-commerce, as Nielsen found a 315% increase in online non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverage dollar sales in the same time. However, the demand has led to a retail first: stores devoted to non-alcoholic spirits. One is Sipple, the first non-alcoholic bottle shop in Texas that opened in October 2021. New York City’s first booze-free bottle shop, Spirted Away, opened on the city’s lower east side in November 2020. By early 2021, Boisson opened in Brooklyn, sharing the same dedication to exclusively alcohol-free beverages.

Distilled and bottled in British Columbia, Riverine is the alcohol-free botanical beverage from AMASS.
Mingle Mocktails
Mingle Mocktails as a refreshing alternative for those who want to feel part of the party instead of being the talk of the party.
Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn Brewery's non-alcoholic portfolio includes newcomers Special Effects pils and Special Effects Hazy IPA.
Aurora Superior Sparkling Beverages
Aurora Hops, a line of non-alcoholic sparkling beverages infused with Pacific Northwest-grown hops.
The Free Spirits Company
Free Spirits evokes the “spirit” of bourbon, tequila and gin without the ghastly hangover.
Kin Euphorics
Kin Euphorics is a non-alcoholic beverage that promises to “ease stress, mellow the mood, and balance the effects of stress on the body.”

In order of article appearance, photos courtesy of Aurora Superior Sparkling Beverages, AMASS, Mingle Mocktails, Brooklyn Brewery, Aurora Superior Sparkling Beverages, The Free Spirits Company, and Kin Euphorics.