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Have you dealt with labor changes?

Loading wrappers/thermoformers on the primary packaging side and carton and case packing on the secondary packaging side

JLS builds lines that have robotic-based solutions for automation of packaging operations. Loading wrappers/thermoformers on the primary packaging side, and carton / case packing on the secondary packaging side.

Photo courtesy of JLS

Craig Souser, President  CEO, JLS Automation

Craig Souser

President & CEO
JLS Automation

Photo courtesy of JLS Automation

COVID has compounded the labor gap with processors, as people are more hesitant to want to work on a food line.

Joe Luke, VP of Sales  Marketing at Reed Lane

Joe Luke

VP of Sales & Marketing
Reed Lane

Photo courtesy of Reed Lane

We have “socially distanced” packaging operations or packaging rooms where feasible. However, this has added costs to the entire operation; in some instances the distance has slowed operations. The cost of labor has increased, as well as the costs to keep employees safe with PPE for all employees and more frequent cleaning of packaging suites and the entire facility.

Chris Baum, Director of Sales Specialists, Veritiv

Chris Baum

Director of Sales Specialists

Photo courtesy of Veritiv

All Veritiv warehouses have remained operational, and our warehouse and transportation teams have the tools needed to safely continue deliveries. This includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and implementing COVID-19 safety protocols. For our customers, yes, labor shortages have impacted production. Our equipment automation specialists are focused on helping our customers through this issue.

Bob Neagle, Commercial Director, Digital Products and Services, Videojet

Bob Neagle

Commercial Director,
Digital Products and Services

Photo courtesy of Videojet

Field service agents are going into plants, but it’s a little more demanding so they have to be more efficient. We’ve enhanced our internal programs to ensure our Service and Tech Support teams are making use of our remote tools to potentially avoid visits. But eventually we envision leveraging these tools to reduce windshield time for our Service teams, so they can spend more time being consultative with customers instead of firefighting. 

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